April 2005 Williams, AZ and Grand Canyon
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Tickets from Williams, AZ  to the Grand Canyon (39kb) Tickets from the Grand Canyon back to Williams (43kb) The train passing by the RV park (57kb) Train view with dome car (67kb) Train passing by RV park (45kb)
Museum at the Williams Train Depot (62kb) The Dome Car (57kb) Back of the train before leaving the station (62kb) Cathy walking up to the Dome Car with snacks (86kb) Seating in the Dome Car (75kb)
Scenery along the way (31kb) Entertainer on board (52kb) More scenery (54kb) More scenery (72kb) Restaurant at the Grand Canyon for Lunch (53kb)
View of the Grand Canyon (52kb) Walk way along the Canyon (58kb) Jerry looking out over the Canyon (64kb) Another view (71kb) Another view (65kb)
Another view (46kb) Jerry posing (69kb) Jerry again! (68kb) Another view (72kb) Another view (73kb)
Another view (61kb) Sign along the trail (81kb) Another view (75kb) Another view (56kb) The Canyon floor (93kb)
Cathy and the Canyon (79kb) Cathy and the Canyon (80kb) Another view (73kb) Trail along the way (86kb) See the guy with the hat? (82kb)
That guy again (82kb) Another view (65kb) California Condors taking 5 (92kb) Museum on top (77kb) Another view (56kb)
Another view (50kb) Another view (58kb) Train getting ready to leave the Grand Canyon (90kb) Walking to the train station (59kb) First Class accomodations (66kb)
The Grand Canyon Train Depot (59kb) Entertainer on board (66kb) Our server in first class... free champagne or cider (56kb) Train Robber! (67kb) Another train robber (65kb)
Another train robber grabbing the $ (52kb) One more (59kb) The Sheriff looking for the train robbers (62kb) View of the RV park from the train as we get back to Williams (42kb) Another view of the RV park (42kb)
Our motorhome in the RV park and someone waving (43kb)        

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