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Chili Bowl January 2005
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The World Famous Gold Driller! (64kb) Another view of the Gold driller (72kb) Cathy at the foot of the Gold Driller (90kb) Sign explaining the Gold Driller (137kb)
Jerry taking a casual stroll in the cold (60kb) Jerry in front of the Tulsa Exposition Center (69kb) Cathy with the track between races (73kb) Jerry between races - track is being packed (68kb)
Auction before the races (95kb) Bubba the Love Sponge in the pits (85kb) Car number 20 getting ready to go (61kb) Cars line up in the pits to get on the track (97kb)
Another shot of cars in line in the pits (109kb) The early crowd in the pits (77kb) Jerry looks over the operation (80kb) Steve Kinser hanging out it his pit (67kb)
Steve Kinser trying it out for size (67kb) Steve Kinser's Crew (71kb) Danny Lasoski grabs a bite to eat (91kb) Danny Lasoski - hands-on (86kb)
JJ Yaley waiting to go to the track (74kb) Yummy gourmet meal (74kb) Parade of States (and countries) before the race (59kb) Green! Green! Green! (60kb)
Packing the track before the races (68kb) A little maintenance before the main race (37kb) Welcome to the Chili Bowl! (31kb) Tony Stewart chats during the break (61kb)
An interview taking place during the break (63kb) Hey, it's the Beer Delivery Guy! (71kb) Waiting for the main race (54kb) Tony Stewart sets the maintenance crew straight (48kb)
Green! Green! Green! Again! (46kb) The race is on! (70kb) Tony Stewart is out! (64kb)