Hawaii 2004 - Hilo

Entrance to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park (105kb) We took a brief tour with a tour guide (110kb) A view of the crater in the volcano (67kb) The Museum entrance (77kb) Crater in the volcano (49kb)
Jerry walking on lava near the crater (37kb) Cathy near the crater (77kb) Another view of the crater (52kb) Jerry checking things out... (98kb) Chain of Craters Road, covered by lava (57kb)
Jerry at the end of the road (38kb) Lava stopped on its way to the ocean (43kb) Jerry on the lava (40kb) Hole in the lava (74kb) Cathy on the lava (40kb)
View from the lava - notice the palm trees. (43kb) Jerry and Cathy at the end of the road (it was windy!) (29kb) Info for hikers (41kb) Extreme Danger! (40kb) Hazardous Coastline! (36kb)
Earth cracks! (how did we ever come out alive?) (78kb) Tourists looking around the Hazardous Coastline (26kb) Sign leading to the arch.. (71kb) The Holei Sea Arch (29kb) Jerry at the Sea Arch (41kb)
The car we rented in Hilo (26kb) View from Crater Rim Drive (26kb) Entrance to the Thruston Lava Tube (40kb) Jerry heading down the trail to the lava tube (85kb) Cathy on the trail to the lava tube (103kb)
Jerry entering the lava tube (56kb) Jerry in the lava tube (60kb) Mauna Loa Factory - we stopped on the way back to the ship. Free samples!! (54kb)    

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