All geared up and ready to go ziplining! (51kb) On the trail to the first line (83kb) More of the trail (124kb) One of the guides goes over first (96kb) Here comes Jerry! (115kb)
Cathy's turn (94kb) Cathy in flight (77kb) Cathy getting hooked up (110kb) This is Nancy - she was ziplining too (112kb) Nancy getting set (96kb)
Nancy after a zip (87kb) Cathy (with Nancy's camera) and Nancy (and Jerry's finger again) (102kb) One of our guides taking it easy (90kb) The other guide (68kb) Jerry's ready to zip again! (102kb)
Jerry zipping again! (98kb) This is the last zip - the longest and deepest of them all (64kb) Cathy gets ready for the finale (85kb) There she goes - it's a long way across to that other pole (93kb) Cathy goes up to the pole... (66kb)
...and comes back again (70kb) Cathy going in for a landing (78kb) Getting closer - the guide will grab her foot and lead her to a ladder (71kb) Cathy made it onto the ladder - the guide climbs up to release her from the zipline (73kb) Now it's Nancy's turn (101kb)
There goes Nancy (79kb) Nancy makes it to the pole (88kb) ..and back to the platform (68kb) ...and away again.. (82kb) ..and back to the platform again (73kb)
Nancy makes it to the ladder (71kb) Nancy gets unhooked on the ladder (71kb) The guides are both safe and sound (68kb) The group after the last zipline - getting ready to head back  (92kb) The ziplining office (79kb)
Black Rock Beach - where Cathy snorkeled (45kb) Amazing what you find under water! (7kb) Fish at Black Rock (16kb)    

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