Puerto Vallarta
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Mazatlan and Randi's Happy Horses
Above - the view from our balcony in the morning
At this port, you need to take a free shuttle to the "public" area that leads to Mazatlan.
Below - This is where we met up with Randi and the rest of the happy horse riders.
We hopped into the back of this vehicle and we were on our way thru the streets of Mazatlan.
The vehicle took us to a dock where we would get on the boat for Stone Island.
A lot of fishermen - and Pelicans - here.
It was just a short boat ride over to Stone Island (which really isn't an island, it's just quicker to get to via water).
Below views of the Sapphire Princess docked with RCCL Vision of the Seas.
Above, our welcoming committee and transportation awaits!
We rode thru a residential area to Randi's Happy Horses.
This is the staging area for the horse riders. Above left, Randi keeps an eye on things.
Below left is a colt at the stable.

Left - Cathy on her horse, "Pelican", also known as "Snacker".