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Sequoia - July 2005
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Entrance sign First view from the roadway Jeep parked along side of road Sequoias
Sequoias Jerry checking out the Sequoias near the General Sherman The trail near the General Sherman - world's largest tree
Flowers along the trail  Jerry with a Ranger Sequoias
Sequoias Plants on a trail around a meadow Jerry Sequoia
Sequoia Jerry looking at info about the trail  Ferns in the meadow
the Meadow Sequoia in the meadow
  Cathy separates two trees with her bare hands! Now she needs a rest!
  Ferns along the trail
 Look! A Bear in the meadow!!
Ok - last bear picture! Jerry waits as Cathy takes photos of the bear view along the road view along the road
Hey look! Why don't we drive thru a tree?
We had to climb to the top of this rock to check out the view While ascending the rock There are a LOT of stairs! View from the top
  Sign pointing to San Joaquin Valley San Joaquin Valley
  Cathy at the top!
  Cahty on the way down
 Ok, this wasn't very exciting
 The Robert E Lee Tree Jerry wants to walk inside of this downed tree
   More trees
Huge trees!
 Look at the size of the cars, compared to the trees   

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