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Yellowstone - Day 2 - Aug/Sept 2004
Part 6 of Summer Vacation

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Campground we stayed at for nights 2 & 3 at Yellowstone (59kb) Campsite at Madison Campground in Yellowstone (44kb) Yellowstone scenery (49kb) Firehole Falls (66kb) Firehole swimming area (67kb)
Firehole swimming area - the only place to swim in Yellowstone (55kb) Wildlife in Yellowstone (49kb) Wildlife in Yellowstone (56kb) They're called Bison in Yellowstone! (47kb) Doing a commercial in Yellowstone (29kb)
Jerry watching the geysers and bison (40kb) Bison crossing the river (50kb) Bird looking for food (6kb) Scenery in Yellowstone (34kb) Geyser (52kb)
Geyser (25kb) Geyser (39kb) Old Faithful schedule (41kb) Old Faithful viewing area entrance (46kb) Old Faithful (17kb)
Waiting for Old Faithful to do its thing (39kb) Old Faithful (23kb) Old Faithful (14kb) Geyser (52kb) Geyser (43kb)
Geyser (40kb) Wildlife in Yellowstone (38kb) Wildlife in Yellowstone (37kb) Scenery in Yellowstone (31kb) Jerry waiting patiently while Cathy takes photos (49kb)
Bald Eagle nest in Yellowstone (29kb) Bison (46kb)      

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