This was our home for one night, just outside of Denali National Park.
We were on our own for the afternoon and evening.  The next morning we hopped on this luxurious bus for a trip into Denali National Park.
We hoped to see a lot of wild life. Well, we saw this bird on a tree, some caribou and the rearend of a moose. That's about it.
The Park Service is very restrictive on traveling through the park. Our bus drove in about 10 miles, then back. There were other bus-tours that lasted all day and went much further. Cars are not allowed beyond the 10 mile mark.
At the half-way/turnaround point, we stopped for hot tea or hot chocolate, restrooms and cookies. This is another view of Mt. McKinley - aka Denali. Our guide insisted it is called Denali and said only uninformed tourists called it Mt. McKinley. So there!
There was a very interesting stop on the way out of the park. During the winter, Park Rangers are required to check on the entire Park. They do this via sled-dogs and snow shoes.  Because of the size of the park, and the freezing snow, there are cabins located throughout the Park. These cabins are stocked with food and firewood - and dog houses. Such cabins are located throughout the Alaskan wilderness - not just for Rangers, but for hikers as well. The only requirement is that they re-stock the cabin.
There are a couple of Ravens that live in the area of this cabin. Their names are Gin & Tonic. Ravens, apparently, mate for life. No photo of the pair, but we did see and hear them.