Wednesday - June 4, 2003 - Skagway
Captain's Log:
When we woke this morning we were already at Skagway. Our excursion wasn't until 11:20, so that gave us a lot of time to visit the shops in Skagway.
Our friends went on the White Pass Rail Train excursion. You can see by their expressions they're ready to go.
Our excursion was a bicycle ride in Dyea. At 11:20 we went to the end of the dock to meet with our tour group. Turns out we were the only two signed up for this excursion - seems to be a pattern! They usually require 3 minimun, but since this is the beginning of the season they made an exception. Our guide for this trip was the owner of Sockeye Cycles, and the owner of the tour group.
We rode in a van to Dyea, a town that almost doesn't exist anymore. We got our bikes at the beginning of the Chilkoot Trail. This isn't the trail we took - it's a popular trail up the mountain for hikers.
The trail we followed was also a road of sorts, but we didn't see any traffic. We did see some "evidence" of horses that had passed by. We often stopped to look at historical points of interest.

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