Friday - May 30, 2003 - First full day at sea
Captain's Log:
Not too many passengers had a restful night. It was a bumpy night and the bed/pillows left a lot to be desired. After room service coffee, I joined the Fitness Director on the jogging track for the Walk-A-Mile. My intent was to do this everyday, but I tended to sleep in later as the cruise went on.
We had vegeburgers for lunch at the outdoor bbq grill (pictured on the left). It was a different vegeburger - but pretty good.

A while later we went to the Special Feature Presentation: Orca - the Killer Whale. This was a talk/presentation by the on-board Naturalist, Brent Nixon. Brent was a very enthusiastic speaker! There really are no words to describe him - if you're ever on a ship where Brent is the Naturalist, don't miss his presentations!
We found a nice spot on the Sun Deck - Deck 11 Forward - that was protected from the wind. It was a great place to read and relax!
For dinner we tried the Sterling Steakhouse. This was the first of 3 formal nights, and we didn't want to dress up. Both the food and service were excellent! It as well worth the $8 per person!

Like most of the Pacific Princess staff, the Waiter and Supervisor were a couple of characters. Part of the enjoyment of the Steakhouse was the laid-back atmosphere and attentive, friendly staff.
After dinner, a few of us went up to the Night Club where we played cards for a while. This is probably the best inside spot on the ship to look out of the windows. We saw several Dolls Porpoises along side the ship.

We went to the late show in the Caberet Lounge. The "Pacific Princess Entertainers" did shows almost every night.

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