Saturday - May 31, 2003 - Victoria, BC
Captain's Log:
We got up around 7 this morning - it was a bit smoother last night. Had breakfast outside at the buffet, then went for a short walk on the track. The ship was due to dock in Victoria at 2pm, but was running about an hour late due to some bad fuel (per the Captain).

A few of us went to our very first Sea Horse Race (see photo on right)! Lots of fun. I won $18 on number 5 and we ended up "buying" a horse to race the last day of the cruise. We were told to name it and decorate it.
Because this was the inaugural Alaska cruise for the Pacific Princess, we were greeted in the Victoria port by a fire boat salute.
The day before, it was so windy that a ship hit the dock while docking . As a result, the other ship due in port that day did not dock either. So, Victoria was looking forward to our ship coming in!
There was a group of people watching the ship come in from a point at the pier.
Because this was our first port, and we were an hour late getting in, everyone was anxious to get off the ship - especially those with reserved excursions. Getting off was a mess, but this was the only port where we had a bad experience disembarking.
We signed up for an Orca Whale Watching excursion. As soon as we got off the ship, we headed to our bus, and to the boat.

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