Later that day, we boarded a bus at the lodge and were taken to the Nature Science Center. This is a research place, but also home to a dog sledder. Doing these rides for tourists is one way to keep the dogs in shape. I knew it would be cold when I saw them unloading extra jackets and blankets for us (above).
About 1/2 way thru the ride, we stopped and got out to mingle with the dogs a little. They were very friendly and really liked the attention. After a short while the dogs let us know they were ready to go again.
Each dog had his own personality and responded to the driver's commands.
The ride began with a slide show at the Nature Center. After the ride, we went back to the Nature Center where we had hot beverages. We also had a chance to explore a little of the center.
The next morning we would go out for a full day in the Tundra Buggy.