Long Beach - Catalina 2004

Our home base at Golden Shores RV Park in Long Beach (45kb) The Downtown Long Beach Waterfront Area (53kb) Waiting to get on the ferry to Catalina Island (46kb) Light house in Long Beach (27kb) Long Beach Water Taxi (48kb)
On the Ferry to Catalina Island (38kb) Approaching Catalina Island (42kb) The People boarding the Catalina Express with luggage from Catalina (70kb) Cathy getting ready to snorkel (50kb)
Cathy in the water (look for the green!) (39kb) Cathy takes a break (40kb) Fish underwater in Catalina (10kb) More fish... (11kb) Stingray underwater in Catalina (42kb)
View of the shore from the water (16kb) All done snorkeling! (57kb) View of Catalina as we leave (35kb) Another view as we leave (53kb) View of Long Beach from the ferry (32kb)
Jerry enjoying the ride (30kb) The Queen Mary (27kb) Queen Mary brochure (5kb) Queen Mary Layout (25kb) Queen Mary ticket (20kb)
Entrance to the Queen Mary (38kb) Inside the Queen Mary (36kb) On deck of the Queen Mary (38kb) Carnival Ship at the dock in Long Beach, next to the Queen Mary (33kb) Submarine brochure (9kb)
Submarine layout (19kb) Cathy on the submarine (38kb) Jerry inside the submarine (69kb) Jerry checks out the torpedos (72kb) Coming through! (56kb)